A new graphic design client

Recently I was hired by this pest control company in Miami Gardens to do some graphic design work and direct mail for them.  I will be taking photos of their trucks, their technicians, and also doing a direct mail campaign.  As […]

New photography client!

Recently I was hired by Fathouse Fabrications to do some photography work.  I will be taking pictures of all the high horsepower cars, trucks, and other vehicles they will be working on.  A little bit of background about them:  Fathouse […]

A new client

Finally, after a lot of work and telemarketing I got a new client.  I decided I was going to take the advice of a friend of mine who has been in web design for years and has done SEO for […]

My new website, welcome!

Finally got off my butt, and decided to start to build my business.  After all I’ve been busy with things, but I realized I needed to do a better job of marketing myself, getting referrals and expanding my portfolio of […]